Toward the end of every winter semester, students in BYU’s Design Department have the opportunity to submit their work for display in the Design Annual Student Show in the Harris Fine Arts Center. This year the Show is not only available to see in person, but also online at https://designstudentshow.com

The work in the exhibition was curated from student submissions by Design Department faculty. Awards for the 2021 exhibition were juried by Cathie Bleck. http://www.cathiebleck.com/

The student show will remain on display in the BF Larsen Gallery in the Harris Fine Arts Center through April 24th.

Design Department Mission Statement
The Department of Design aspires to prepare students with the skills, knowledge, and intellect necessary to be excellent visual communicators, and to foster innovation through problem solving, collaboration, and design thinking.

The Department offers a distinctive blending of the intellectual, the aesthetic, the ethical, and the spiritual through study of the various design disciplines that is in keeping with the mission and aims of Brigham Young University and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Department affirms the importance of art in life and society and acknowledges its role in facilitating understanding of the human experience. The Department believes that the visual arts can be an exploration of ideas, a dialogue with cultures and traditions both past and present, and can involve the expression, communication and reception of spiritual values.